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 Richmond COVGEN Team

Patricia Kinser,



Associate Professor

Virginia Commonwealth School of Nursing

Nancy Jallo, PhD, WHNP-BC, FAAN

Associate Professor

VCU School of Nursing

Jallo image.jpg

Amy Salisbury, PhD, PMH-CNS, BC

Salisbury image.jpg

Associate Dean of Research

VCU School of Nursing

Nicole Karjane, MD


VCU School of Medicine

Karjane image.jpg

Ananda Amstadter, PhD


Leroy Thacker, PhD


Associate Professor

VCU Department of Biostatistics

Associate Professor

VCU Department of Psychiatry/ Psychology and Virginia Institute of Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics

Our Hub

Our research team was formed with the purpose of evaluating the experiences of pregnant and postpartum women in the Richmond, Virginia area and surrounding regions during and beyond the COVID-19 outbreak. As experts in biobehavioral nursing research, resilience, trauma, biostatistics, and women's health, we are committed to understanding the impact of this pandemic on the health and well-being of women and their families. We are currently enrolling women to participate in a study about women's experiences. Read more here:

Currently funded by the VCU School of Nursing Internal Grant Program

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Future Research

Soon, we will be enrolling parents and their young children into a longitudinal research study aimed at better understanding the experiences of families during this global pandemic. As collaborators with the COPE research initiative, we hope to capture the shared experiences of the COVID-Generation (COVGEN) population and foster connection and resiliency as members of a rising global community.

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