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 Cambridge, UK COVGEN Team
(REAL and PEDAL Research Centers)

Sabilah Eboo Alwani


Doctoral Researcher in Early Childhood Development, Faculty of Education

University of Cambridge

Hub Details

Sabilah's work focuses on early childhood learning and education, and speaks to the lack of parent voice and policy support around parent involvement in learning during the pandemic, particularly for children in the early years (0-8). Her research uses mixed methods to interrogate and explore the experiences of parents with young children during the pandemic and how they have contributed to their children’s learning and development through different modalities of engaged parenting, supported by their own resilience. She is currently running two studies, which involve the use of nationally representative secondary data, as well as a focused group of participants engaged in digital diary writing and in-depth interviews.

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Funding Details


Sabilah's research is supported by Google. She is a member of Google's inaugural cohort of Research Innovators working across Google cloud

technologies to power their research.

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