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The Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience at Boston Children’s Hospital is dedicated to furthering our understanding of brain and cognitive development in typically developing children with a range of early life experiences. Our multidisciplinary team of researchers brings together experts from a wide range of fields, including neuroscience, psychology, and education. The laboratories aim to drive the science forward as rapidly as possible, so that we can translate what we learn into earlier identification, improved therapies, and better outcomes for all children and families.


With our expertise, we now look to advance our scientific understanding of how a prenatal COVID-19 infection and associated psychological distress influences infant neurodevelopment. Our project will aim to shed light on how families and child development are impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic and will work to better support these families and children as they grow.

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 Boston, MA (Children's Hospital) COVGEN Team

Charles A. Nelson, Ph.D.

Charles Nelson 2 Pampers meeting London

Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience

Harvard Medical School

Professor of Education

Harvard University

Richard David Scott Chair in Pediatric

   Developmental Medicine Research

Boston Children’s Hospital

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