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Berkeley COVGEN Team

Lucía Magis-Weinberg


Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Washington

Ron Dahl


Director - Institute of Human Development
Regional Associate Dean - The Professional Schools Region
Professor - Community Health Sciences and Joint Medical Program School of Public Health

University of California, Berkeley

Our Hub

The Transitions project is a researcher-practitioner partnership project to understand technology use and wellbeing in children and adolescents in Latin America. Alongside our colleagues (Innova Schools and Common Sense Education), we have developed a large-scale culturally and developmentally informed intervention to foster healthy digital habits in schools in Perú and México. The COVID-19 pandemic motivated us to redesign our research to promote well-being during a crisis, highlighting the role digital technology plays during lockdown. We have collected data on mental health, well-being and digital media use of over 5000 adolescents in low and middle income urban settings in Perú and México both before and during the pandemic.

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