We are excited to announce the inaugural COVID Generation (COVGEN) Research Summit, that will take place November 10, 2021. This will be a hybrid (virtual and in-person meeting), taking place on-line and at the Swissôtel, Chicago, IL, USA. The COVGEN Summit will unite researchers around the world, providing opportunity for growth and collaboration.

The 2021 COVGEN Summit will be held in coordination with the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology (IDSP) 2021 conference - providing a more convenient way to attend both conferences. Information about the ISDP Swissôtel room block is available here (limited time only).

We will ask all attendees to prepare an infographic about their research on the COVID Generation. Infographics can represent either research findings of note, hypotheses being tested, or research protocols being conducted. All formats encourage collaboration and information exchange, which are expected to be the major outcomes of this meeting. Example infographics can be found here.

The COVGEN Summit registration fee will be $30 and will be collected in coordination with ISDP.

More information about registration and how to submit materials will be forthcoming.

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